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Pampering Your Mother

She’s the person who has loved you unconditionally, raised you, wiped away your tears and is a constant source of support. These god sent angels deserve our appreciation and affection every single day of our lives. Here are a few celebration ideas that could be potential pampering gifts for mom.

  • Prepare her Favourite meal

Take over the kitchen duties for the day (or for more days if you’d like) and make all her favourite dishes. If you’re a novice, start out simple like a noodle bowl. You could also invite the whole family and try out some of your mom’s delicious recipes together. Make sure to include a sweet at the end.

  • Plan a day out with her

Our moms are always busy taking care of us and more often than not, their lives take a backseat. She deserves a day off to do all her favourite things. Take your mom out shopping and let her indulge herself with some retail therapy. Or take her to the park or beach to rest and recharge.

  • Nothing like a Spa Therapy

Pamper your mother to a day at a spa. Pre-book a relaxing massage, facial, hair treatment and throw in a mani-pedi for good measure.

  • Buy Her Some Jewellery

If you’re still in a dilemma about what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, gift her stunning piece of jewellery. For the person who has had your back since day one, you can gift her a special moment in the form of a necklace. For the working mom, explore the versatile and sophisticated Zephyr collection. For the simple mom, gift her a set from the Silver collection.


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