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A Guide to Organising Your Jewellery

Having a beautiful collection of jewellery is a sense of joy and pride for every woman. Whether it is your engagement ring or one that your son bought for you or a present from your folks, you will always want to maintain the lustre and shine of your ornaments. Jewellery that is stored in a haphazard manner can get damaged or even lost.

You can avoid breakage, underuse and loss of your jewellery by stacking them up. For your earrings, you can purchase a simple earring holder and hang them through the hooks. You can use an old frame that’s been lying around and store your favourite dangly earrings in them. For your bracelets and bangles, you can use decorative vases.

Look for a box that has several different compartments in them so that your jewellery doesn’t get tangled. You can also buy separate boxes and categorise your jewellery according to the occasion. Your flashy dangling earrings can fall into the party-wear category, studs and minimalist jewellery into work-wear and heavy, chunky accessories into ethnic-wear.

Pin it on a wall. You can buy a ready-made wall hanger or strategically place some pushpins on your dressing area wall to accommodate those quirky, colourful necklaces. Whether your jewellery is valuable in monetary or sentimental terms, it’s still important to keep your finest jewellery and gems reserved for special occasions, safe and organised. If you have a vanity or a dresser, you can use little jewellery boxes or drawstring jewellery bags to store these earrings. Store them in a cool and dry place so that they are not exposed to any chance of oxidation.

The simplest yet effective way of organising your jewellery is storing them in clear pouches. These are ideal for your fashionable rings, earrings and bracelets. They give you clear visibility and can be accessed comfortably. You can mount them over your dressing table for easy use.


You can categorise them according to the colour range or divide them into casual and formal wear. It entirely depends on your preferences. Stacking similar jewellery together will make your life easy to a great extent.

Store it in a Drawer-

Layer the drawers with velvet fabric or any other soft material to prevent any laceration. This will not only give you a sophisticated look but also help you to pick out your jewellery in an easy flash due to the contrast.

To avoid clutter, it’s best to hang your necklaces separately. A simple and a quirky way to display them would be to nail a medium-sized twig to the wall and hang your necklaces there. You can spray paint it in any colour of your choice to add an element of vibrancy to your room.

With these simple yet unique ways, you will not have to worry about chains winding up in knots or having only one earring from the pair anymore.


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