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Few pointers to keep note of when you go jewellery shopping for your wedding.

Indian weddings and jewellery go hand in hand with each other. Be it a grand, traditional wedding or an intimate one, jewellery shopping for your wedding day can get very overwhelming because more often than not, you’re spoilt for choice owing to the emerging jewellery trends and budding jewellery designers. Let’s take a look at the top major factors you need to consider before stepping out for bridal jewellery shopping.

Budget- Keep a budget in mind and try your best to stick to it. Focus on investing in wearable designs which can be used regularly and are versatile enough to be worn on other occasions. Whether it is antique jewellery passed down to you by your mother/grandmother or a favorite piece of jewellery you grew up looking at, remolding old jewellery turns out to be economical.

Gold – When you are investing in gold, it is important to check the karat of gold you are investing in. A karat marking denotes the amount of mixed with other metals. A higher karat age indicates a higher proportion of pure gold in the ornament.

Authenticity – If you are buying diamonds, make sure you put your diamond through the 4 C’s test of cut, color, clarity , and carat. Diamonds are graded and priced based on these factors. As far as gemstones are concerned, opt for faceted gemstones that give out a brilliant shine under the light.

Online Purchases recommended – You can try opting for online jewellery shopping. Make sure you select guaranteed and refundable ornaments. It is always best to choose a reputed and certified jeweller to steer clear of online fraud. Make sure to also go through the return policy, time of delivery and mode of refund for a smooth shopping experience.


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