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Jingle Jangle with Rings/Bracelets.

One of the more overlooked yet crucial combinations in completing an outfit is combining bracelets ,and rings. Because rings ,and bracelets share the same space on your body, it’s particularly important to pay attention to the nuances of creating a unified look. Here are some tips to make a great impression with bracelets ,and rings.

Stacking is a great way for your creativity to shine, to flaunt your style and personality. The possibilities are endless. Assembling a stylish stack of jewellery isn’t that hard. You can master the art with a few basic guidelines. Whether you’re a minimalist, a free-spirited bohemian , or a vintage lover, all you need to remember is to mix various textures, shapes, colors ,and finishes. Stacking jewellery is more about which pieces you wear, rather than how many. When you’re talking about a bracelet stack, try to pick a focal point. Then the rest of your bracelets would act as accents around it to create a varied look. To choose your focal point, you need to figure out what you want to emphasize. Avoid jewellery overload by being selective about your bracelets ,and rings. Select whether you’re going to make a statement with your ring , or bracelet, often an eye-catching gemstone ring will do the trick.This could be your favourite bracelet, a piece that matches your outfit or even a watch. Once you identify your focal point, it becomes easier to pick accent pieces that will highlight rather than overwhelm it. Bracelet stacks with a watch work exceptionally well. The bracelets can dress up ,and compliment your watch giving it a more vibrant look. Try ,and be creative with your styling ideas- pair different materials ,and colors. With stacking bracelets ,and rings, anything goes. Mixing textures ,and materials can make your stacking combination look more visually appealing.

Size is a great way to add variety to your bracelet ,and ring stacks. Stick to one or two cuffs for your bracelet stack ,and a statement ring for your ring stack. This way, you can avoid your forearm ,and fingers looking chunky ,and heavy. The color ,and shape of your bracelets ,and rings should be inspirational enough. But if you need fresh ideas, take a look at your clothes ,and try to match your stacks to them. Don’t be afraid to experiment ,and create your color combinations.


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