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The Right Amount of Office Wear Jewellery.

You must first understand the environment in your office before you decide on an outfit or your jewellery to your outfit complies with the same. On the other hand you may also want to experiment with your looks if the crowd at work is more liberal with their fashion approach. Everyone has their unique style and the key is to stand out from the rest of the crowd without coming across as the odd one out. Each one of us has our own unique style and the key is to bring this style out without coming across as too loud. A main idea is to remember is to keep things simple and classy.

Office wear jewellery comes in handy when you want to add that little edge to your work attire.When you’re not sure if you’re wearing too much jewellery to the office, go with the fewest pieces possible. A general rule of thumb is that it’s okay to wear a watch or bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. A lot of women go for a minimalistic look while dressing to work, like a pair of small earrings or hoops is the best way to style yourself if the minimalistic look is what resonates with you. If you like a bolder look you may consider wearing one statement piece which can also be your go-to office wear jewellery. This could be a big bracelet, or a layered necklace or a big pair of earrings. Remember to make sure that your other jewellery pieces do not overshadow your statement piece. Save your big studded jewellery pieces for other grand occasions and if you do want to wear it to work, consider wearing it to a client meeting or a conference. Whenever you’re in a dilemma, always remember that less is better. Avoid wearing things that jangle to meetings or silent places. From a functional point of view, wearing something that jangles will only be a source of distraction to you when you are using your keyboard to type something.


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