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The right Jewellery for your face cut.

Every woman is has a unique set of features that gives her face an individuality. Choosing your jewellery as per your face shape accentuates your features and enhances your beauty. A diamond-shaped face complements jewellery in a different way compared to a heart-shaped face. Find out which jewellery designs and styles are best for your face shape.

Round Face:

Long ornaments for a round face will create an illusion of length. If you have a round face, look for long earrings that elongate your face. Earrings that hang lower than your chin are ideal but don’t use round dangles.

Oval Face:

Earrings for oval face will balance your long face. Wide Chandeliers, as well as earrings that widen at the bottom, circles, curves and large studs, are the best earrings for oval face.

Rectangular Face:

Women with rectangular faces should look for earrings that add some curves. Look for wide circles, teardrops and curves. Avoid shapes that are wide and have strong lines and corners.

Heart-Shaped Face:

A heart-shaped face typically has a broad forehead with a sharp chin. To balance a heart-shaped face, look for earrings that have elongated curves. Styles such as dangles, chandeliers, and teardrops are your best bet.

Diamond-Shaped Face:

They often have a small forehead and a sharp chin with high cheekbones which accentuate their facial features. Additionally, diamond-shaped faces have a lot of adversity making most earring types compliment their faces. Look for earrings that have wide-bottom chandeliers, curves, elongated dangle, and teardrop styles.

Apart from the perfect jewellery for the shape of your face, the ultimate accessory to bring out your best facial features is a dazzling smile. From heart-shaped face to a diamond-shaped face, there are a plethora of options to choose from.


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